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Award-winning blending studio, Woven launch ‘Superblend’; A new global whisky that blends across borders 


Woven, the Worldwide Whisky Makers based in Edinburgh, look beyond the Scottish Border for their first, permanently available (non-limited edition) whisky, SUPERBLEND. 

SUPERBLEND is the first blended World Whisky from a Scottish Blending House that brings together the best grains and single malts from distilleries worldwide, comprising of whiskies from Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany and the USA.

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Superblend is a dynamic whisky which challenges the consumer on their relationship with blended whisky. This is a breakthrough moment for the category as blending enters a new era similar to the coffee, beer and spirits revolutions that have taken place in the last decade.

Each cask was hand-selected solely for flavour regardless of its location. The result is a rich, textured whisky ‘greater than the sum of its parts’ which boasts unparalleled depth of flavour and versatility. 

Woven Whisky Maker, Peter Allison says, “freeing whisky from geographical constraints allowed us to play with flavour and texture combinations that aren’t considered possible in Scotch whisky making.” 

Adding, “we are perhaps the first generation of whisky maker in Scotland to enter the industry without the innate belief that Scotch is superior simply because it is from Scotland.”

Despite containing a high proportion of Scotch Whisky (nearly 70%), Superblend had to be produced outside of Scotland to comply with Scotland’s Whisky Production regulations (namely that the only whisky you can make in Scotland is Scotch). Being liberated from the rules governing blending in Scotland allowed Woven to be fully transparent about the formulation of the blend as well as offering complete creative control with a world of whisky distilleries now made available to them. 

Superblend is comprised of 11 whiskies ranging from 3 to 22 years in age from 5 different countries and the brand take the bold step of publishing the recipe in full on their website. 

“We brought together the candied fruit sweetness from the US and paired it with the smooth velveteen texture of Irish whisky and a distinctive organic ‘funk’ from Germany. The English whisky is a robust counter point provided by the sherry cask it was matured in while lightly peated, honeyed Scotch brings familiarity and structure”, says Allison.

In part, Superblend was made possible thanks to the global boom in craft distilleries producing high quality whiskies. Woven claim their newest launch is a development backed by data that speaks to a general shift in mindset and consumption habits within whisky which in turn is driving the growth of a ‘new world’ whisky movement.

“The new generation of whisky drinker is more curious and open minded. They’re less likely make their whisky choice based solely on heritage and are actively seeking out new, interesting flavour experiences,” says Allison. 

Over the years, Single Malt Scotch has successfully branded itself with the romantic ideologies and landscapes of Scotland. It’s become the drink of choice to celebrate with, gift on a special occasion and even invest in, while blends have not enjoyed the same treatment.

“Trust in the quality of blends has been eroded over the past thirty years,” claims Allison.

Woven are changing this by elevating the craft of blending, last month winning the ‘Best in Category’ Award in the World Whisky Awards. Demonstrating the perfect balance between science and art, they employ a variety of techniques deemed unusual for the category. A ‘flavour first’ approach sees them using whiskies from around the world, most of which wouldn’t normally be used in blends. 

Having drawn its components from global distilleries and whisky styles; Superblend boasts a level of depth and complexity which haven’t been tasted in a blended whisky before. Superblend enjoys a combination of the American, Irish, German and UK flavours brought together in one whisky profile which appeals to both malt drinker and blended whisky drinker. 

Whisky preference has become segmented but Woven go back to the roots of whisky enjoyment, deliberately weaving together flavours from across the globe that breakdown the geographical segmentation and celebrate the beauty and magic of a truly global, balanced blend, brimming with intrigue.

Retailing at £45.00, Superblend is available to purchase from now, as well as select retailers worldwide.

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