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Beating the Winter Blues With A Little Beer Based Trickery


Following the revelation earlier this year by Rolling Stone that the cost of the living crisis was, and is, going to push the price of beer higher and higher (said feature can be found here) and with no sign of the ever-increasing cost beginning to level off, global interest in homebrewing and beer self-sustainability is slowly, but surely increasing. 

But with Winter and the holiday season slowly creeping up on us, how can new and veteran homebrewers tailor their beer to cater to the seasonal changes in the mainstream palette that accompany shorter days and longer nights? Josh Barnett, the founder, CEO, and driving force behind Learning to Homebrew believes he has the answer. 

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“Winter is a demanding season, it’s dark and brings with it a sense of foreboding and closure, and as such beer drinkers’ tastes tend to veer toward rich, deep, almost decadent darker beers that can, and will satisfy their demand for ales and stouts that have a long, lingering taste profile. 

While it’s relatively easy to boost the ABV of a beer, a higher alcohol percentage that lacks flavor can be off-putting, which is why homebrewers need to start thinking slightly outside of the traditional brewing box. And the easiest way to create a full-flavored, high-ABV beer that’ll chase the Winter blues away with each and every mouthful, is by brewing with off-shelf, easy-to-find everyday items that’ll increase the flavor of a beer without adding too many to the cost. 

Adding coffee and chocolate to a beer is a simple, but effective way to change the taste profile of an Imperial Stout or Porter and can make those long, Winter nights when you can’t enjoy a beer with your buddies in your favorite bar a lot easier to deal with. Great-tasting beer doesn’t have to be a luxury that you’re forced to forgo as prices continue to rise, and is something that, thanks to the magic of homebrewing, can be shared with family and friends alike during the long, cold winter months”

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