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Breaducation: a loaf-affirming journey to symptom free deliciousness with Genius Foods


As the Summer season approaches, prioritising wellness and feeling our best becomes increasingly important. A change in seasons marks the perfect opportunity to realign our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. With many women ready to make positive changes to rejuvenate and create positive habits to boost digestive wellness for increased energy levels, cognitive function and immune system, it’s common to assume this requires compromise.

Genius Foods, a pioneering force in gluten free bakery is on a mission to show that a life of symptom free deliciousness is waiting in Free From sections across the UK. With 51% of the population having experienced bloating and gas[1] and 20 million consumers (almost a third of the UK’s total population)[2] who would benefit from free-from foods, many of whom don’t even know it yet, the emphasis on education and awareness is crucial. It’s time for females of the UK to ask themselves, feeling bloated? It could be gluten. Empowering them to understand the effects gluten could be having on their daily wellbeing, Genius is committed to helping alleviate unwanted symptoms, including the discomfort of bloating often associated with gluten consumption with their range of deliciously gluten free products.

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Recognising the growing demand for gluten free options that don’t compromise on taste or enjoyment, Genius Foods proudly asserts its position as a ‘better for you’ bakery choice for UK consumers with 15 years gluten free baking expertise and proudly the No.1 Free From bakery brand[3]. In a new phase continuing its success under the Katjes Greenfoods portfolio, Genius has launched a brand new campaign heroing its best ever recipe Multi Seeded Farmhouse sliced loaf. Offering a simple swap at breakfast or lunch for those looking to embrace a gluten free or gluten reduced diet to alleviate those unwanted symptoms.

Their commitment to offering symptom free deliciousness doesn’t stop there. With a range for all occasions from tantalisingly toastable Classic Crumpets to Free From Food Award Winning Handcrafted Artisan Tiger, more people can finally savour symptom free moments with ultimate gluten free deliciousness.  It’s not just about meeting dietary needs; it’s about creating moments of pure enjoyment for consumers.

Lauren Harber, Head of Marketing says: “As expert bakers and founders of gluten free bakery in UK retail, Genius is perfectly placed to spread knowledge and break down barriers to bring new consumers into the category. We can create a light bulb moment and ensure millions more people live a life of symptom free deliciousness and create a lasting emotional connection with our brand and the benefits of a free from life for them.”

Hungry for more? Discover the full range of Genius products at:
Discover the full range of Genius products at: Genius Deliciously Gluten Free

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