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Chopstix Unveils Veganuary Special: ‘All Leaf, No Beef’ Teriyaki


Chopstix Noodle Bar introduces a delectable vegan delight, ‘All Leaf, No Beef’ Teriyaki, nationwide, aligning with Veganuary’s plant-based trend. 

THE dish blends plant-based ‘beef,’ peppers, onions, and Chopstix’s secret Teriyaki sauce, catering to vegan and Pan-Asian food enthusiasts. Rob Burns, Chopstix’s Marketing Director, emphasises the freshness and appeal of this vegan addition, catering to diverse tastes and promoting a healthy vegan lifestyle. 

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Burns said, “We wanted to bring something totally fresh for those that are trying out the vegan lifestyle this January, giving Pan-Asian food lovers a tasty & healthy option that is totally meat free.

Partnering with Miami Foods, Chopstix ensures the plant-based protein’s sustainability, aligning with the brand’s commitment to innovative and eco-friendly plant-based offerings. The nationwide rollout aims to satisfy cravings at over 100 stores, resonating with vegan and non-vegan customers alike. Loui Blake, CEO of Miami Foods, applauds Chopstix’s dedication to expanding meat-free choices.

Blake said, “We’re incredibly happy to partner with Chopstix this Veganuary. Their commitment to developing innovative & sustainable plant-based dishes means diners now have even more meat-free options.”

Chopstix Noodle Bar, a UK favourite, introduces the ‘All Leaf, No Beef’ Teriyaki as a Veganuary special, merging the popularity of Pan-Asian cuisine with the rising trend of plant-based dining. Available in over 100 stores across the nation, this vegan delight encompasses plant-based ‘beef’ strips, peppers, onions, and Chopstix’s signature sweet Teriyaki sauce, offering an authentic experience for those embracing veganism this January. 

Providing a delectable and healthy option for both seasoned vegans and those exploring plant-based lifestyles. The dish’s plant-based protein, sourced by Miami Foods, aligns with sustainability goals, emphasising its GMO-free, antibiotics-free, palm oil-free, and cholesterol-free attributes. 

As Chopstix continues its nationwide rollout, it ensures that diverse dietary preferences find a flavorful place in its offerings. Loui Blake, CEO of Miami Foods, commends Chopstix for expanding its range of meat-free choices, enhancing options for plant-based enthusiasts.

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