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Edinburgh Vault City’s UV-lit beer to give Halloween “Gosebumps”

Gosebumps beer from Vault City

A ONE-of-a-kind luminous beer bursting with lemon, lime – and slime – is set to shine this spooky season in a unique can that turns bright under UV light.

With Halloween edging near, Vault City, Scotland’s wizards of sour beer, have once again chucked their crazy ideas into the cauldron of creativity to come up with a dastardly drink set to give you ‘gosebumps’ this October.

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And as autumn leaves start to fall, a Starbucks staple will arrive in beautiful beer form, converting all coffee connoisseurs to the world of craft brewing with the introduction of the classic Pumpkin Latte – with the added bonus of sweet blueberry.

Never shy in giving things a try, Vault City have previously brought us breakfast waffles and wagon wheel-inspired beers, but now something entirely new is set to creep out of the shadows.

Gose, a fermented sour beer from the German town of Goslar, was previously deemed extinct after its demise in the 1960s, however in recent years it’s made a remarkable comeback, and is currently one of the most talked-about beers on the craft scene.

And Vault City is ensuring it’s very much back from the dead this Halloween, with Edinburgh’s expert brewers being inspired to bring us luminous green Gosebumps – Lemon & Slime.

What’s more, the distinctive can will come fully to life under a UV light, making it the perfect Halloween party trick and treat this year.

Meanwhile, as the winter chills set in, beer fans will be warmed by a Blueberry Pumpkin Spice Latte release, brimming with beautiful notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger among mountains of blueberries.

Vault City’s founder and fan of all things Halloween, Steven Smith-Hay, said: “We don’t take ourselves too seriously here at Vault City, but we are serious about good beer, so Halloween is the perfect chance to try something fun that still tastes amazing.

“As most of our customers know, the team have always got their creative hats on and we like to come up with things a little off-the-wall, but we’ve been planning this one since Spring.

“This year we’ve gone a step further by resurrecting gose beer with a unique lemon and lime luminous brew that will certainly catch your eye – especially under UV light – at Halloween parties across the country.

“We’re also very aware that alongside Halloween it’s now the as-celebrated pumpkin latte season. And this year, we’re going to give a certain Seattle coffee chain a run for its money with our blueberry-inspired pumpkin latte brew.”

The Portobello-based brewer is always producing new flavours, with Gosebumps – Lemon & Slime and Blueberry Pumpkin Latte available this autumn. Other beers you should sample this month include Strawberry Woo Woo and a Blackcurrant Chocolate Chip Waffle-inspired brew. 

The autumn additions are the latest in a long-line of innovative flavoured beers produced by the company, with previous varieties including Fruits of the Forest triple stacked breakfast waffle, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Raspberry Coconut Ripple.

Earlier this year, the company’s first-ever core range was launched across 200 independent bars, pubs and taprooms across the UK. Now available in more than 600 Tesco stores nationwide, it recently became the supermarket giant’s best-selling craft beer.

Vault City received widespread attention when it announced its 15-strong team across its brewery in Portobello, bottle shop and taproom in Haymarket had permanently moved to a four-day work week.

In 2022 they’ve also invested an additional £600k to expand operations to meet demand. 

Gosebumps – Lemon & Slime is priced at £4.95, while the Blueberry Pumpkin Spiced Latte is priced at £8.95.

To find out more about Vault City, to order Gosebumps – Lemon & Slime this Halloween or any of its range of heavily fruited, modern sour beers, visit

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