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From Garden to Glass, Grove of Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Launches Brand New Non-Alcoholic Drinks Pairings for Guests


(April 2024) Pembrokeshire country house hotel, Glove of Narberth, has unveiled a brand new dining experience with the launch of a creative, non-alcoholic drinks pairing menu at its signature restaurant, Fernery. Carefully crafted and curated by Head Sommelier, Cathryn Bell and Executive Chef, Douglas Balish, this innovative offering is set to redefine the offering at Grove of Narberth and showcase that amazing dining experiences can be just as indulgent with non-alcoholic options.

The first of its kind in Wales, this new non-alcoholic drinks pairing has been created to foster a sense of inclusivity and enjoyment for all guests at Grove of Narberth. It offers guests an experience where they can be fully immersed in the culinary excitement that comes from a perfectly curated non-alcoholic drinks pairing, created with extraordinary levels of thought and expertise.

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Cathryn Bell, Head Sommelier at Grove of Narberth said: “For me, food and drink pairing is one of life’s most wonderous experiences. Bringing food and drink together in the right way unlocks dimensions that can’t be reached by the food and drink on their own. When brought together, they create something magical, almost technicolour, and it’s the most interactive, fun and immersive dining experience. We wanted to find a way to make the food and drink experience at Grove of Narberth as accessible and inclusive as possible by making it non-alcoholic. Making these pairings has been a creative journey of discovery and we can’t wait to welcome guests to experience our drinks pairing themselves.”

This immersive pairing weaves the different threads of creativity and curiosity between chef and sommelier. Using Mother Nature’s larder, along with a bit of imagination, Bell and Balish have worked together to create libations which reinforce the culinary magic of the Fernery dining experience, where every detail is thoughtfully considered. This dynamic pairing will evolve and change to reflect the seasonality of the menu, offering visitors something unique each time.

Using ingredients sourced as much as possible from the hotel’s own gardens and local producers, the pairings draw inspiration from fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Using cold-pressed fruits and vegetables as a base, the team layer herbs and spices for flavour, along with teas for tannin and texture. They’ve also incorporated vinegars to add depth and length to their creations. Some innovative pairings include the fusion of celery with oxidised pear, fenugreek and lime to accompany the amuse, whilst the richness of a Bouillabaisse sauce marries with the smoothness of pumpkin, yuzu and Assam tea. White and red beetroots lend their earthiness and viscosity and local Pembrokeshire seaweed adds depths of umami and minerality worthy of any wine.

The new drinks pairings are as complex and delicious as their traditional alcoholic counterparts, and above all, they are fun, making these pairings an exciting journey of discovery and creation.

This new offering is a truly inclusive and unforgettable culinary experience. From garden to glass, Grove of Narberth guests will hopefully feel inspired, enthralled and keen to share their experience with others.

HOW: Grove of Narberth’s new non-alcoholic drinks pairing costs £50 per person, complementing the standard dining menu at Fernery and is now available.

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