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Government injects £30m to farming projects


OVER 50 cutting-edge farming projects are being awarded £30 million by The Farming Innovation Programme to help support farmers and growers produce more food sustainably in an attempt to move towards the net zero goal.

The government has set out to create a more resilient and sustainable agricultural sector with the aim of reducing methane emissions in cattle by 17 per cent per generation while making a home-grown UK protein source. 

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The fund is a part of the Farming Innovation Programme which is run in partnership with UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) which hopes to make £270 million available before the end of the agricultural transition to support the sustainability goals. 

More than 50 successful projects will be awarded funds to support their work in reducing methane emissions, minimizing the use of drones, and helping to develop biopesticides using fungal strains to help tackle pests in wheat crops. 

Laimonas Noreika, Founder of HeavyFinance, said:

“The farming industry must come together to reduce the environmental impact it is having globally, and it is positive to see the UK government intervening to help support those who are taking steps to increase sustainability within the sector. COP28 must be kept top of mind by all industries and farmers specifically have the capability of making impactful changes, but only with the right support behind them.” 

“Financial support must now be shown towards this industry as they not only fight to reduce their own carbon footprint, but to become climate positive to absorb CO2 emissions created in other sectors. It is an industry we all benefit from and without the correct backing, farmers will struggle to do their bit to support sustainability initiatives and help us to achieve net zero. Often, people are not against sustainable business, but simply lack the necessary resources and we must all come together, individuals, businesses, and governments to support the industries in need.” 

Secretary of State for Agriculture Thérèse Coffey said: “Farmers are always forward-looking, and innovation is key to driving forward a resilient, productive and sustainable agriculture sector that puts food on our tables whilst protecting and restoring the environment.”

“Alongside our new farming schemes, these grants will help to support farmers and pave the way for a technological transformation that will help produce food sustainably for generations to come.”

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