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Indie Scottish whisky brand, Woven, launch new collection after sell-out success

Woven Collection Line Up

LAUNCHING the brand less than a year ago, Edinburgh based Whisky blenders, Woven, announce their second collection of small batch blended Whiskies following the sell-out success of their inaugural release.

Collection Two comprises of four brand new limited edition blends, each exploring a different concept and flavour. Ranging from £45 – £150 they’ve been honed in the brand’s tiny blending studio in Leith over a period of 6 months. To meet demand, Woven have more than doubled production since Collection One which, when launched, the founders say they ‘felt like it was the fastest selling whisky in the world for a precious few minutes!’

From initial inspiration, through development and technique, Woven celebrate Modern Scotland – something they believe is not embraced by an industrialised category that places importance on efficiency and consistency rather than expression of flavour and creativity. 

When creating blends, Woven (unusually) disregard every factor relating to the whiskies they’re working with – distillery name, cask type, cost – and focus only on flavour. This means any preconceptions can be ignored and each liquid is allowed to speak for itself. 

With three of the Founders starting their drinks industry careers behind Edinburgh’s top cocktail bars, this helped inform their belief that flavour is intrinsically linked with emotion – a core value for Woven. Their experimental ethos sees them prioritise ‘experience above all else’. Co-Founder Peter Allison says, ‘when we blend, we’re often thinking of particular occasions or memories and moods, and the atmosphere around them. We are exploring flavours within whiskies, seeking to create the ideal profile to sit alongside these moments.’

The four new blends in Collection Two; Chardonyay, Pete vs Peat, The Elixir of Leith and Midnight Oil lean into different emotions; from upbeat and high energy to more contemplative and low tempo – giving each a unique experience in which to enjoy them. 

Despite being based in what was once the heart of Scotland’s blending industry, Woven’s approach to the world of blending is anything but traditional. In fact, the founders say that there’s more to take inspiration from, outside Scotch; The New World whisky and natural wine movements. Peter Allison continues, ‘ultimately whisky is about the experience of flavour and that’s our obsessive focus. We’re happy to experiment outside what’s ‘normal’ in the world of Scotch blending as we believe some of the accepted methods, practices or rules aren’t in the best interest of the end user’s overall taste experience.’

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Whilst Woven are not only inspired by, but seek to promote the proud history of blended whisky (especially that of Leith where they are based), they are also looking beyond Scotch for exciting new flavours and techniques. Whisky is often linked with Scottish history and heritage. Woven aim to showcase a Modern Scotland which has a wealth of external and contemporary influence and ideas. By balancing the old and new, Woven are not beholden to outdated and elitist ideals but instead break the ceiling on what blended Whisky can be.

‘Innovation is a buzz word in Scotch, but in truth it’s quite recent and has been limited to only a handful of techniques. The word has transitioned in meaning from being about cutting costs, saving money and becoming more efficient to now being about heightening experience, bringing something new or creating ever more luxurious expressions of single malt. The problem is – the entire blending category, which still makes up 91% of all the Scotch produced each year didn’t get that memo. We see limitless opportunity to re-imagine the world of blending by employing the very best whisky making techniques from here and around the world, as well as other (provided they’re legal) techniques from categories as far afield as Cognac production, wine making or Japanese Whisky’, says Allison. 

With their export markets increasing in number, Woven are planning for impressive growth which includes opening blending studios in other emerging whisky producing countries. France, Germany, and Australia are in the planning stages, whilst Woven’s Leith location is scaling up over the next 3 years to meet demand. In each location the team will collaborate with local whisky producers to create unique offerings as well as bring the experiences conceived in Leith, which they’re becoming known for to a wider audience.

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