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Levy appoints Regional Executive Chef for Scotland

David Bell

LEVY UK + Ireland has appointed David Bell as Regional Executive Chef in Scotland.

Levy is the sports and entertainment division of Compass Group UK & Ireland and in this new role, David will lead the culinary teams across its venues in Scotland. David will also support menu development and training in the business.

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With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, David has previously led on training and education in former roles, with a key focus on inspiring creativity, seasonality, and the importance of using good, fresh, and local ingredients. David will also work with Compass Scotland to lead skills workshops; support innovative menu creation, including an increase in plant-based options; and coordinate supplier visits to ensure that teams have a strong understanding of product provenance.

David Hay, managing director of Compass Scotland, said: “David has displayed a great deal of leadership in previous roles and a real passion for teaching and inspiring teams, in particular young chefs. Through training workshops, site visits, and mentorship, he will use his experience and passion to motivate the culinary teams to consider what is possible with food. And to this end, he will also be instrumental in menu development, bringing his creativity to ensure we make the most of seasonal and local produce. We’re thrilled to have him on board.”

David Bell said: “My role with Levy is a great opportunity to get our culinary teams excited about new ingredients and new methods, and use this motivation to create delicious new menus. My key focus is to drive an energetic, exciting, and bold new food culture in Scotland. This culture supports everything around food, service, and customer experience, and we want to consistently grow and improve.

“I truly love cooking and I really enjoy engaging with people about food, and helping them understand seasonality and a farm to plate ethos. We already have training lined up and I’m excited to pass on my knowledge and watch how the team learns and responds.”

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