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Scottish alcohol-free brands encourage drinks fans to beat the January blues by socialising

Left to Right: Lewis Kennedy (Talonmore) and Sonja Mitchell (Jump Ship Brewing)

TO CELEBRATE Dry January 2024, fiery ginger-infused, non-alcoholic spirit Talonmore has teamed up with Scotland’s first and only dedicated alcohol-free brewery Jump Ship Brewing to encourage drinks fans to socialise even when alcohol isn’t involved. 

Highlighting the importance of friendship and socialising, the capital’s leading NA brands have created the Talon & Tinniea deliciously unconventional take on the traditional Boilermaker. The serve combines Talonmore with Jump Ship’s NA Yardarm Lager, creating a combination of biscuity malt, zesty hops, Assam Tea and Ginger. 

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Available at city-centre bars, pubs and restaurants across the capital such as The Black Bull and Dulse; Talonmore’s website is also offering 10% off full-size bottles throughout January with Jump Ship offering a reciprocal discount code: TALON&TINNIE10 for fans to have the option to enjoy with friends and family at home. 

The traditional Boilermaker’s history dates back to the 1800s when workers would order a shot and a beer at the end of their shift. Talonmore and Jump Ship want to continue this tradition into 2024 with the same satisfying serve, just without the alcohol. 

Set to be a flourishing alcohol-free partnership throughout the year, plans are in place for a 2024 NA bartender competition. In collaboration with hugely popular Edinburgh venue Cask Smugglers, the city’s best drinks specialists will be tasked with creating brand-new NA cocktails using Talonmore’s fiery ginger taste paired with Jump Ship’s range of flavoursome alcohol-free beers. 

Talonmore’s distinctive taste is fired by the spice of ginger and Assam tea whilst complemented with malty notes and fruit sweetness. Pairing perfectly with the balance of biscuity malt and citrusy hops,the Talon & Tinnie is a gorgeous flavour-forward nod to a classic Boilermaker: 

– 330ml – Jump Ship NA Yardarm Lager 
– 50ml – Talonmore NA Spirit 

Dry January has seen a colossal rise in popularity. *175,000 Brits took part in Dry January last year, listing benefits including; sleeping better, consuming fewer empty calories and enjoying better overall energy levels. *According to Drinkaware’s 2023 survey, which interviewed a UK-wide sample of 10,473 adults aged 18 to 85, drinkers appear to be drinking alcohol less frequently: 39% drink alcohol less often than weekly compared to 33% in 2019.

Talonmore is a Scottish based, family run business established in Edinburgh in 2020. Using a mix of rooted and plant-based ingredients and inspired by Edinburgh’s festival spirit and history of innovation, Talonmore was created to provide an exceptional alcohol-free drink that can be enjoyed without compromising health, clarity and taste. 

Choosing brewing methods of manufacture, rather than distilling, Talonmore has developed a unique beverage that ensures flavour is at the forefront, replicating the experience of drinking a dark spirit. 

Talonmore can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in a multitude of non-alcoholic serves such as the ‘Talon & Tinnie’. In 2022, Talonmore was awarded Silver at the International Wine and Spirits Competition scoring an impressive 92 points out of 100. The latest batch of Talonmore includes a new look and feel, with an upgraded label and eye-catching flagship red foil. 

Sonja Mitchell founded Scotland’s first non-alcoholic brewing company, Jump Ship Brewing in 2019 and has been producing world-class alcohol free beer for five years, winning a huge range of awards for the core and special release non-alcoholic beers. 

Lewis Kennedy, Managing Director at Talonmore Drinks Company, said: “Talonmore has been admiring Jump Ship Brewing for some time. Sonja’s vision is inspiring to see in the Scottish alcohol-free scene. Their team spirit is really wonderful. We’re looking forward to many partnerships with them. 

“I’m always curious to see how Talonmore’s ginger-forward flavour will pair with other brands. Tasting Yardarm gave clear inspiration, with the burst of flavour from both liquids creating a hugely satisfying taste and mouthfeel.” 

“Talonmore has always, and always will be, an advocate for socialising and friendship. We want everyone to keep the fire alive in January and have a blether with loved ones, whether that be in the pub or round at family & friends houses. Enjoy the combination of biscuity malt, zesty hops, Assam Tea and Ginger that  the Talon & Tinnie creates.” 

Sonja Mitchell, Founder of Jump Ship Brewing, added her thoughts on the partnership: “It’s an exciting time to be making low and no alcohol alternatives as we see demand for tasty drinks without the booze continue to grow. We jumped at the chance to partner with our friends over at Talonmore to create a Boilermaker for Dry January – the flavours in Talonmore work so well to balance our zesty, refreshing and exceptionally drinkable Yardarm Lager.”

With over 8 million adults in the UK looking to reduce their alcohol intake, Talonmore is designed to shake up the non-alcoholic drinks market by championing the adventurous lifestyle that would normally be sacrificed with traditional alcohol. 

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