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Whisky Bottler The Single Cask Offers Dream Job for Dram Lover


Launching on ‘International No Brainer Day’, 27th February, Scottish whisky bottler The Single Cask announces a once-in-a-lifetime job that will be the easiest decision any whisky fan will make this year.

Whisky lovers across the country can’t believe their eyes as The Single Cask – home to a warehouse in Glenrothes of over 3000 casks – announce they are recruiting for their first-ever specialist panel of ‘Taste Masters’ to help in the nosing, tasting, bottling and creation of their luxury single cask whiskies. 

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Expanding their team of whisky professionals, The Single Cask pride themselves on bottling only the most outstanding, characterful and distinctive casks; whiskies that start conversations through their irresistible attraction. 

The whisky bottler are welcoming whisky lovers with ‘charisma & creativity’ to apply today and raise a glass to ‘International No Brainer Day’, a holiday dedicated to easy decisions: 

The lucky panel of whisky wizards will need barrels of personality as well as tasting experience – they’ll be working with The Single Cask specialist team, an exclusive ensemble of flavour experts telling the story behind each unique whisky they taste. 

A key part to the role will be writing tasting notes and it’s important to The Single Cask that their ‘Taste Masters’ draw from personal experiences in whisky and life; to describe the emotion single cask whisky creates. 

Jan Damen, General Manager at The Single Cask, said: “We only bottle exciting and entertaining whiskies worth talking about, and believe drinking single cask whisky to be an incredible experience. A roller-coaster that is never repeated. We want our first-ever ‘Taste Master’ panel to understand the beauty and emotional power of single cask whisky and help more whisky fans come with us on this extraordinary journey.” 

“Our dream candidate will need charisma, creativity and a thrill for not only whisky, but a thrill for life. It’s such an exciting time to work for The Single Cask, and it’s always an exciting time to work in whisky. Applying for this role truly is a no brainer!”.  

A dream role for any dram fanatic; the winning candidates will interact with the in-house whisky team by selecting casks to be bottled – playing a key part in the planning and maturation, nosing, tasting and discussion of the best samples to be bottled at the warehouse of The Single Cask. 

Initially a part time, flexible position, the role will expand as the business grows, as more casks will need bottled. Ideally coming from a background in whisky creation, sampling or writing – The Single Cask would still like to hear from unique thinkers with creative personalities. 

The Single Cask was founded in 2010 by Ben and Cindy Curtis, built on the belief that the search for the ultimate dram never ends. Powered by the incredible sense of togetherness whisky creates and a growing fascination with the one-of-a-kind personality of single cask bottlings, the passion soon led to the launch of their first bar in Singapore. 

Now with a Glenrothes-based warehouse home to over 3000 casks and counting, The Single Cask’s expertise is in the sourcing of casks and in the maturation – a bold pursuit to uncover whiskies that are both of exceptional quality and character. All their bottlings are tasting panel approved by The Single Cask Taste Masters – an exclusive panel of experts who seek out the thrill of the taste, helping it to become the best experience possible. 

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