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X MUSE Vodka Partners with UK’s Largest Visual Arts Festival

X MUSE's 'Save' Cocktail created in honour of Mele Broomes

X MUSE Vodka has announced its role as the official drinks partner for the 20th anniversary of the Edinburgh Art Festival (EAF), the UK’s largest annual visual arts event.

The festival showcases over 200 artists across the city and aligns perfectly with X MUSE’s artistic inspiration and Scottish heritage.

To mark the occasion, X MUSE has created two special cocktails. The “Arma” cocktail, designed as the festival’s official birthday serve, responds to EAF’s theme of reflection on current living and working conditions.

It features plants that thrive in challenging environments, symbolising resilience and beauty.

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The second cocktail, “Save”, pays tribute to Mele Broomes, an award-winning choreographer presenting a newly commissioned performance at EAF24.

Credit: Ruby Pluhar- Choreographer Mele Broomes

During the festival, visitors can enjoy the X MUSE “Arma” Martini at various venues throughout Edinburgh, including the City Art Centre and Balmoral Hotel.

The cocktail will also be featured at the JUPITER RISING x EAF event on 17 August, a festival-within-a-festival celebrating art and music at Jupiter Artland.

X MUSE’s involvement with EAF24 follows its recent participation in the Venice Biennale of Arte, which hosted its second Art Bar residency.

These collaborations underscore X MUSE’s ambition to become a beloved brand within the art world.

The vodka’s unique character stems from its carefully curated ingredients and production process. It blends two heritage barley varieties, Plumage Archer and Maris Otter, with water sourced from an ancient aquifer at Jupiter Artland, a sculpture park and gallery near Edinburgh.

X MUSE’s ‘Arma’ Cocktail inspired by EAF24 Theme

The distillation process includes resting the liquid on amethyst crystals inspired by Anya Gallaccio’s amethyst grotto at Jupiter Artland.

X MUSE’s name and aesthetic draw inspiration from its artistic surroundings, including the “Xth Muse” sculpture by Ian Hamilton Finlay at Jupiter Artland.

The bottle design echoes the undulating curves of Charles Jencks’ “Cells of Life” land art installation at the same location.

This partnership with EAF24 highlights X MUSE’s commitment to the arts and reinforces its position as a luxury vodka brand deeply rooted in artistic expression and Scottish spirit-making traditions.

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