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Сurd is the word: 80’s food staple top of the shops


Scotland’s largest independent dairy, Graham’s Family Dairy, is celebrating a significant surge in cottage cheese sales equivalent to two million kilograms per year. Over the last 12 months, sales of this 80s fridge staple have shot up by an impressive 40% across the country.

The revival of cottage cheese is attributed to global demand for high-protein, low-fat dairy products, partly fueled by viral TikTok recipes. The hashtag #cottagecheese was projected to reach a billion views on TikTok alone by early 2024, driving interest in this classic product.

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Graham’s Family Dairy, known as Scotland’s top dairy brand, is currently operating at production capacity for cottage cheese. To meet this growing consumer demand, they are planning a £5 million investment to enhance their cottage cheese production facilities.

Robert Graham, Managing Director of Graham’s Family Dairy, emphasized the enduring appeal of cottage cheese: “Cottage Cheese has been a family favorite for many years. It’s light, versatile, and a healthier choice due to its high protein and nutrient content. Our traditional approach to dairy production resonates with consumers, contributing to the sustained popularity of products like our cottage cheese.”

The popularity of cottage cheese is not limited to Scotland; exports to Ireland and Dubai reflect the trend seen in the UK market. The surge in sales indicates that cottage cheese is not just a retro fad but a lasting consumer preference.

Graham’s Family Dairy employs traditional methods in producing cottage cheese, using an open cheese vat to create a firmer curd with enhanced texture and versatility, ideal for a variety of recipes.

This cottage cheese boom mirrors other retro food trends sweeping the UK. Waitrose reported that a third of consumers had switched from lower-fat to full-fat dairy products in 2023, while M&S Cafes noted increased demand for full-fat milk in coffee orders.

Chris Dawson, Senior Buyer of Dairy Foods at Marks & Spencer, commented on the exceptional growth in cottage cheese sales: “In my 20 years of buying cheese, I have never witnessed such remarkable growth in cottage cheese sales. This ‘protein hero’ ingredient has surprised us all with its resurgence.”

Graham’s Family Dairy also offers a diverse range of dairy products, including Organic and Gold Top range milk, cheese, butter, cream, yogurt, and ice cream.

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