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Annandale Distillery Casks on Caskshare

Annandale Distillery

Annandale Distillery’s new casks are being listed on the Caskshare platform, with five casks appearing from Annandale’s Man O’Swords and Man O’Words series.

Man O’Swords is Annandale’s signature peated spirit and Man O’Words is an example of their unpeated style. All of these casks will be bottled as single cask releases and at cask strength. The five casks were filled in the Summer of 2015 and since then have been maturing at Annandale Distillery. Prices range from £110 to £150. Planned bottling dates for these casks are:

Bottling September 2022 (as 7 year-olds)

Cask 496 – Man O’Words

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Cask 475 – Man O’Sword

Bottling September 2023 (as 8 year-olds)

Cask 476 Man O’Sword

Bottling September 2025 (as 10 year-olds)

Cask 497 – Man O’Words

Cask 477 – Man O’Sword

Established in 1836, Annandale Distillery is named after the valley in which it is situated, and is one of the earliest ‘legal’ distilleries in Scotland. In 2007 the distillery was bought by the Annandale Distillery Company Ltd which is owned by Prof David Thomson and Teresa Church.

Annandale Distillery Company Ltd completely restored the heavily dilapidated Annandale Distillery back to its former glory and beyond. Once owned by Johnnie Walker & Sons, Annandale Distillery is now privately owned and produces both a strong powerful peated spirit and a smooth and sophisticated unpeated spirit.

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