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Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Unveils The Club Room

Club Room Bar & fireplace

ABERDEENSHIRE’S Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky, specialists in the world of Scotch, have opened the doors to The Club Room in the heart of Huntly. The establishment, nestled in the former Bank of Scotland building on Gordon Street, underwent an extensive six-month refurbishment, resulting in a captivating space that seamlessly blends history, whisky, and hospitality.

Purchased by Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky in January 2022, the B-listed property has been transformed into The Club Room, a sophisticated venue that boasts a bar and seating for up to 50 guests. This stylish space is designed for a variety of purposes, including private hire events and whisky tastings. Additionally, during peak times, it serves as an extension for diners from The Bank Café & Restaurant, another gem owned by Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky located on The Square.

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The inauguration of The Club Room follows the success of The Bank Café & Restaurant, which underwent an eight-month refurbishment and has become a culinary hotspot, open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Euan Shand, Chairman of Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky and a Huntly native, expressed the company’s vision for the investment, stating, “We had ambitious plans to invest in some of the beautiful old buildings that lay empty and disused in the heart of the town, bringing them back to life, whilst also helping put Huntly on the map as a great place to eat and drink.”

The Club Room serves as a showcase for Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky’s extensive collection of rare, aged malts and blended whiskies, distributed globally in 60 countries. The company recently embraced the digital age by introducing self-serve cask dispensers with a selection of their Octaves and Black Bull blends. These innovative barrels have found a home in a bar and restaurant established by Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam, since June.

Visitors to The Club Room in Huntly can experience the latest whisky innovation – the ability to enjoy their spirit of choice on demand using a pre-paid card.

Shand added, “We’re proud to be part of the transformation of the town, boosting the local economy and, of course, creating further employment in the area alongside our King Street headquarters.” With The Club Room now a sparkling addition to Huntly’s culinary and cultural landscape, it beckons both locals and tourists to revel in the town’s rich history and the warmth of Scottish hospitality.

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