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Glasgow’s BeeHype partners with Bee School to teach people the importance of bees

BeeHype Lavish Lavender

BEEHYPE’S honey products have been selected to represent the world’s finest honey varieties at the Bee School. Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Luss in Loch Lomond, the Bee School introduces visitors to the world of bees and beekeeping in a fun and accessible way.

Guests can learn more about the vital role of bees as pollinators, the importance of preserving them and even get tips on how to start their own apiary. All of this while savouring the finest raw honey varieties.

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BeeHype’s stunning Lavish Lavender and Dreamy Creamy Honey, and their Happy Bee Pollen take a central spot in the tasting session and educational seminar, showcasing the broad spectrum of honey flavours and teaching visitors how the different varieties are made.

Today, we’re seeing an alarming decline of the worldwide bee population. This is a pressing concern as they play a crucial role in pollinating and sustaining essential crops, including tomatoes, cucumbers, almonds, and more.

As a response to this worrisome statistic, The Bee School initiative took flight. Founder Heather decided to popularise beekeeping as a fun and accessible activity which also helps support the world bee populations.

BeeHypes founders are delighted to be a part of The Bee School initiative and believe that small, consistent changes can lead to a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and the broader bee population.

Mo, Co-Founder of BeeHype, warmly expressed, “All of our products are made with a lot of love and care by our busy bees and ethical beekeepers. They pour their heart into this art to craft the most exceptional honey and we are extremely happy that those efforts have been recognised!” 

“We have always aimed to educate our customers about the importance of bees and the benefits of raw honey, and we believe there should be more initiatives like The Bee School. They help bring invaluable insight into the fascinating world of bees, raw honey and beekeeping.”, said Stela, Co-Founder of BeeHype.

Heather, the visionary behind The Bee School, shared her enthusiasm about collaborating with BeeHype Honey. 

“We are thrilled to work with BeeHype and share their exquisite raw honey varieties with our visitors. Together, we aim to educate as many visitors as possible about the significance of bees and the importance of including raw honey in our diets.”

This fantastic collaboration between BeeHype and The Bee School is setting a great example of how local businesses can connect and work together to bring awareness to a cause they deeply care about. 

The Bee School is open all year round and experiences run from April to September including a 3-hour Bee Safari, a Children’s Summer Bee School and Beekeeping Weekends.

Honey tasting sessions are also available throughout the year with exciting workshops during the winter months.

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