Macdonald Rusacks Head Chef Glenn Roach launched the Surf & Turf restaurant concept to the St Andrews hotel in May 2019 and due to the popularity of the menu, the new concept has been expanded to the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh. It will also be introduced to Macdonald Marine Hotel in North Berwick in the coming months.

The combination of sea and land (Surf & Turf) is produced from the embodiment of a dream that Chef Glenn Roach had been considering for a long time. A place where he would be free to experiment with different foods and presentations without any limitations to his creativity and where he could deliver unique signature specials using his much-loved local, Scottish produce.

Surf & Turf delivers an unforgettable experience through the impressive food and service that are consistent throughout the year. The Macdonald team transmit their love and dedication into the soul of Surf & Turf, and this is evident in the way customers refer us to their friends and family. Join our family and experience Surf &Turf.

Chef Glenn Roach comments:  “I’m very fond of combining meat and fish together as good seafood and good steak each possess their own unique and unmistakable richness. I think the combo lends itself to creativity and is a great opportunity to try a couple of different tastes on the same plate – you get to experience the best of both worlds. You can turn a really delicate, light ingredient into something more powerful with the different textures”

We know a good chef is only half of the equation; suppliers and Scottish produce play an important part as well. This new concept has been reflected in the restaurant’s makeover and the new menu takes its inspiration from Scotland’s larder – from succulent and mouth-watering Aberdeen Angus Steaks supplied by ScotBeef to world-renown seafood such as hand-dived North Atlantic Scallops wild trout, salmon, oysters and langoustines supplied by George Campbell & Sons.