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New Guidance Based on the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Standards


CHARITY Vegetarian for Life (VfL) and the Care Inspectorate have collaborated to produce new guidance on good care for vegans and vegetarians. The self-evaluation tool and guidance are based on the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Standards.

The Health and Social Care Standards set out what people should expect when using health, social care or social work services in Scotland.

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The guidance will also provide more reassurance to vegetarians and vegans who need support and care services – something that the charity hopes will be adopted outside of Scotland for vegans UK wide. 

The standards have been developed to make these services better for everyone so that every person is treated with respect and dignity, and their human rights are upheld.

The guidance in Good care for vegetarians and vegans will be useful for inspectors to inform an inspection and for care services looking for best practice points.

Heather Edwards, Allied Health Professions Consultant at the Care Inspectorate, explained:

“The Care Inspectorate’s Health and Social Care Improvement Team has been delighted to work with Vegetarian for Life on this resource.

The quality illustration gives a clear guide to service providers and their staff on what good care looks like for people who are vegan and vegetarian experiencing care to meet their dietary and lifestyle needs. This tool is a great way to help a service self-evaluate their care and support for vegans and vegetarians and make any identified improvements.”

Dr Kim Stringer, Vegetarian for Life’s Director (Scotland), added:

“Veganism or vegetarianism can be a large part of someone’s identity and more than just their diet. A vegan or vegetarian may have lived this way for decades of their life and their right to follow dietary practice in line with religious or philosophical beliefs is fundamental and enshrined in law.

“Sometimes people are unclear what vegans or vegetarians do or don’t eat, or how best to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. This clear and concise self-evaluation tool and guidance is intended to enable care services to provide good care for vegans and vegetarians and to provide inspectors with information that will help during their inspections.”

Key areas covered by the new resource include the extent to which people experience:

  • care and support based on relevant evidence, guidance, best practice and standards; in particular, the Health and Social Care Standards
  • food and drink that meets their needs and individual preferences
  • a positive attitude from others towards their vegetarian or vegan identity.

The resource is now available on the Care Inspectorate’s website. And here is a link to the webinar co-hosted by The Care Inspectorate and Vegetarian for Life:

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