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New sauce range to satisfy appetite of growing dessert market

Macphie o.t.t® dessert toppings on a trio of ice cream sundaes

THE SURGE in the number of dessert parlours has prompted a leading food manufacturer to make a significant five-figure investment in new sweet sauces, with the launch of five new product lines. 

Macphie Ltd is adding two brand-new fruit-based options, as well as three indulgent premium flavours to its existing o.t.t® toppings range, which is already used across many successful dessert bars, restaurant kitchens and bakeries. 

Its £30,000 outlay in the creation of the new lines comes following major growth in the dessert parlour market, with the 11 top operators, spearheaded by Creams, Kaspas Desserts and Heavenly Desserts, expanding by 42% since 2018 and on track to exceed a combined 400 outlets this year. 

Newly created o.t.t® PLUS will welcome the introduction of speculoos flavour, along with milk chocolate and white chocolate dessert toppings, each with a velvety finish reflective of it being its most luxurious toppings on the market. 

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Macphie’s new fru-ti o.t.t® sauces feature mixed berry and mango and passionfruit variants which contain fewer calories than usual dessert toppings.  

Kirsty Matthews, Marketing and Insights Manager at Macphie, said: “After spotting an opportunity in the market for premiumisation, we wanted to ensure that we were meeting and catering for these emerging trends by taking things up a notch. 

“Dessert parlours are pushing boundaries and need products that match that – we feel that we have achieved this and more. 

“The two new product types have been introduced following the success of our original o.t.t® range and after an extensive and lengthy development period, we believe that the sauces have been perfected.

“During product development, the slightest of changes can make a huge impact. It takes time to source the best ingredients and perfect the flavours, consistency, packaging and photography and we pride ourselves on the fact that we won’t launch a new product until the whole team is completely and entirely happy with it.”

As well as the additions, Macphie has also made improvements to three of its sauces in the original o.t.t® range, improving the flavour and reducing the sugar content of its Belgian chocolate and toffee toppings and refining the taste, texture and mouthfeel of its strawberry sauce. 

Macphie’s new ranges are launched off the back of a recent study from the Dessert Report by Barry Callebaut, which found 44% of British consumers usually order a dessert, cake or pastry when eating out, with chocolate being the number one choice of dessert ingredient. 49% also said that they would be more likely to order a dessert if it was made with premium ingredients. 

Kirsty added: “Our new range of sauces are the perfect crowd-pleasing partners which will elevate any dish, meeting the emerging versatility and customisation needs of consumers.

“People want loaded indulgence and a multi-sensory experience when it comes to desserts, and our new on-trend sauces provide exactly that.

“We are looking forward to seeing our new ranges across high-street parlours and all of the inventive ways that our customers will use these mouth-watering sauces to boost their desserts.” 

Macphie is an internationally renowned ingredients manufacturer that was established in 1928 and now employs more than 250 people across its three sites. 

The firm has grown from its roots as a craft baker into an ingredients supplier with revenues of over £60m, supplying global food brands, household name businesses and the wholesale sector.

Its vision is to be the go-to partner for food brands around the world, turning ideas and creativity into practical solutions. That and its “simply clever” strapline reflects its passion in making life easier for chefs and bakers. 

Sustainability has been a key element to the fourth-generation family firm. It was among Scotland’s first businesses to achieve B Corp status in 2015, having successfully evidenced an unwaveringly high standard of social and environmental performance. 

To find out more about Macphie, please visit:

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