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Plant-tastic new products from cauldron


Three new delicious vegan Cauldron products are hitting supermarket shelves with a vibrant new look. Plants, veggies, and a whole heap of herbs and spices, Cauldron is making it easy for you to enjoy the best of plants and veggies, every mouthwatering time.

Two new Cauldron Veggie Bakes are simply bursting with veg – Spinach and Carrot Veggie Bakes and Pumpkin and Caramelised Onion Veggie Bakes take the hassle out of meal prep. Simply bake for 10 minutes and enjoy the perfect veg-filled meal. Cauldron’s new Extra Firm Tofu guarantees a delicious bite every time and is ready to take on any flavour you throw at it!

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Cauldron Pumpkin & Caramelised Onion Veggie Bakes, 200g: RRP £2.75#

Bite through the delicate crunch on Cauldron’s crispy coated bakes to the explosion of veggie flavour within. With earthy pumpkin and the sweetness of caramelised onion, it’s brimming with
delicious veg.

Available now in Asda stores, and coming soon in Tesco and Waitrose

Cauldron Spinach & Carrot Veggie Bakes, 200g: RRP £2.75#

Beneath a light, crispy crumb lies an abundance of beautiful veggie flavours. Crammed with spinach and carrot, seasoned with a subtle blend of herbs and spices, and just waiting to wow your
taste buds.

Available now in Asda stores and coming soon in Waitrose

Cauldron Extra Firm Tofu, 220g: RRP £2.00#

Protein-packed and totally awesome. This tasty tofu block needs no pressing saving you precious time. Cube, slice, and get straight to it. Tasty in soups, stews and salads, fried, baked and steamed, you’ll find endless ways to enjoy it.

Available now in Asda and coming soon in Sainsbury’s stores

Shoppers can’t miss Cauldron’s colourful new look on shelves. The 10 strong range, including the classic Cauldron bestsellers Tofu, Sausages and Falafels has a bold, fun look that encapsulates Cauldron’s products perfectly – packed full of vibrant and nutritious plant based ingredients

Gill Riley from Cauldron Foods said, “Our goal is simple. We’re here to capture the imagination of our nation’s plant believers and plant curious.

“Taste is our number one priority. Shoppers shouldn’t settle for less, but in recent times some plant based brands haven’t got it quite right. We work hard at Cauldron to make sure all of our products pack a tasty plant based punch.

“From beans to pumpkins, we jam-pack veg together. A mash of this. A dash of that. A pinch here. A seasoning there. We mix up the possibilities, so you always get delicious, dive in!”

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