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Schoolgirl gets iconic crisp flavour back on shelves

Grace with her supply from Taylors. (Photo: Mike Wilkinson)

AN enterprising Edinburgh schoolgirl has received an unexpected ‘Crispmas’ taxi-load of treats after writing a letter to the managing director of the company that makes her favourite haggis-flavoured crisps.

Ten-year-old Grace decided to take matters into her own hands when she was unable to find her favourite haggis crisps in the shops. She went straight to the top and penned a heartfelt letter Taylors Snacks’ MD James Taylor pleading that he bring back her beloved Haggis and Black Pepper crisps year-round.  

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The Perthshire-based company had decided to release Haggis and Black Pepper crisps as a seasonal flavour only available over the winter months as part of its brand overhaul when it transitioned from Mackie’s Crisps earlier this year.

Her initiative was rewarded when the Taylors team arranged a very special delivery to her house – a Taylors taxi packed with a year’s supply of the crisps and a “golden ticket” for an exclusive tour of the Taylors Snacks factory.

Taylors Snacks has also made the haggis crisps available in smaller 40g bags in response to market demand, a move which will see the haggis crisps available in more retailers, food service outlets, tourist sites, and hospitality venues.

Mr Taylor said: “When Grace’s letter landed on my desk I was blown away by her enthusiasm and initiative. The Taylors team put our heads together to see how we could celebrate our biggest Haggis and Black Pepper crisp fan and can’t wait to show her and her family around our factory here in Errol. 

“It was not just Grace who got in touch, however. Our customers let us know in droves that they were missing their favourite Haggis and Black Pepper snacks. We loved that people took the time to tell us how passionately they felt about the flavour. From letters to emails and calls, lots of people got in touch to talk about their love of haggis crisps, and to ask for them to return.

“We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to ensure our customers don’t miss out and are delighted to announce that the haggis crisps are back on the shelves!”

Grace’s mum, Becky, added: “It’s fantastic that the team at Taylors took the time and effort to respond and it really made all of our days! It also helps Grace see the power of communicating with creativity and care.

“Grace was the one who had the idea to write to James and to get such a wonderful response really validates and empowers her. These small things really can make a huge impact on a young child’s life. We look forward to visiting the factory soon and learning how our favourite snacks are made.”

The crisps will now be available from now until the end of February 2024 as a seasonal flavour and will be back on shelves again later next year. Consumers can also purchase the crisps year-round through online outlets like Amazon and at select locations.

Crisp fans can expect the exact same delicious flavour as before the transition from Mackies, as no changes were made to the recipe. The unique thick-cut crunch of the crisps is also the same, but the bags have a stylish new look under the Taylors brand.  

Haggis and Black Pepper fans will find them on the shelves now in Tesco stores and will soon be available at Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrisons.

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