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Scottish honey brand launches a new ginger honey to fight low immunity

Stela and Mo (BeeHype founders) and BeeHype Ginger Boost

INDEPENDENT Glasgow-based honey brand, regarding its range expansion of all-natural honey products.

BeeHype has launched a new ginger and turmeric honey product to help consumers take their essential vitamins and boost their immune system while enjoying  a sweet healthy treat.

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BeeHype’s ‘Ginger Boost’ combines three of nature’s most powerful superfoods – raw honey, ginger and turmeric in the most delicious way, making it easier than ever for consumers to take in essential vitamins and boost their immune system. 

“Ginger shots have gained extreme popularity in recent years – and for a good reason. Ginger is widely accepted as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent by the scientific community. That’s what inspired us to create Ginger Boost and help consumers increase their immunity in a natural way.” said Stela Aleksieva, BeeHype Co-founder.  

In addition, BeeHype also introduces its bee pollen product, ‘Happy Bee Pollen’, a natural multivitamin from the hive. This new and exciting product is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and could potentially help with allergies.  

Research shows that bee pollen can improve the immune system, overall fitness and brain functions. It also provides a natural energy and mood boost and can even help relieve allergy symptoms by increasing the production of histamine.  

Ideal for those looking for a way to build up their body’s natural defences during the Spring months.

“Nowadays an increasing number of people suffer from gluten, dairy, and nut allergies, and at the same time, we are a vitamin-deficient population. We set out to fight this trend and turned to one of the oldest known superfoods to create healthy, vitamin-rich treats that everyone can enjoy.” added Stela. 

Customers will be able to get their hands on the new products directly on BeeHype’s website and in selected stores in their network of over 150 independents across the country.

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