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THE LARDER: Serving Up Change


The social enterprise fighting poverty and hunger with dignity

At The Larder, lives are transformed. Founded by local entrepreneur Angela Moohan in 2010, this West Lothian-based charity is dedicated to combating poverty and hunger with dignity. They provide food support, training, and fair work opportunities, aiming to help local individuals transition “from surviving to thriving”.

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Since its inception, The Larder has made a significant impact, aiding over 4,000 individuals in accessing training and delivering more than 200,000 meals to those experiencing food insecurity in West Lothian. Currently, it employs 36 locals and operates a bespoke training academy, two community shops, an artisan bakery, and two community cafes offering freshly baked goods in Broxburn, Livingston, and Blackburn. Through their academy, the charity offers vital training on employability, life skills, health and wellbeing, as well as cooking and barista classes, and SQA qualifications, all geared towards building confidence and preparing individuals for the workforce.

As a social enterprise, The Larder contributes substantially to the local economy. All proceeds are reinvested into sustaining and developing their training programs and food poverty projects. The charity particularly focuses on supporting disadvantaged young people, offering a positive pathway, social interaction opportunities, and community cohesion, aiming to break the cycle of poverty. Additionally, it assists parents in entering or re-entering the workforce and developing work-related skills, all within a framework of fair work principles aimed at lifting individuals out of poverty.

Foundation Scotland has been a proud supporter of The Larder for over 12 years, making their first award in 2012. To date, The Larder has received six Social Investment awards from Foundation Scotland, totaling over £395,000. Recently, they were granted £150,000 to support continued growth. Additionally, crucial funding towards CEO salary costs comes from the David and Averil McDonald fund, managed by Foundation Scotland.

Angela Moohan, CEO of The Larder, expressed gratitude for Foundation Scotland’s support, acknowledging its critical role in the organization’s growth and mission achievement. Despite economic challenges, The Larder has expanded its enterprise, opening a new community café and launching a training and skills academy. They continue to create employment opportunities, impacting local lives positively.

Ali Kennedy, Social Investment Executive at Foundation Scotland, praised The Larder’s growth over the last decade, describing it as a prime example of a successful social enterprise. Foundation Scotland remains committed to supporting The Larder’s journey through its Social Investment program and grant funding initiatives.

Foundation Scotland continues its support of The Larder through its Social Enterprise funding and traditional grant award programs. For more information, visit Foundation Scotland’s website.

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