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The Vegan Kind expands own label range with the launch of Love Plants Chocolate Bars 


THE UK’s leading 100% plant-based grocery supermarket The Vegan Kind has launched three chocolate bars as a part of Love Plants – their own label of pantry cupboard essentials and sweets.  

Love Plants chocolate is different from those available on the market. It offers a unique combination of flavours and texture. 

As vegan chocolate specialists, The Vegan Kind were surprised by an overwhelming amount of traditional plain dark chocolate available in the aisles making for the only vegan chocolate offering. The NPD team’s goal was to give dairy-free chocolate a makeover to have a broader consumer appeal. Making vegan chocolate more indulgent was just one part of the inspiration that drove TVK to create something different and more unique while providing all the goodness of chocolate. As a result, Love Plants chocolate bars offer a brand new vegan chocolate experience – the highest quality luxury chocolate with a lusciously smooth texture garnished with exciting toppings for an extra crunch.

Sensational flavours 

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The incredibly delicious Love Plants chocolate bars come in three sensational flavours: Dark with Orange Cocoa Nibs and Cinder Toffee, Oat M!lk With Puffed Caramel & Sea Salt Flakes and Blonde With Raspberry and Crunchy Caramel. 

  • Love Plants: Dark with Orange, Cocoa Nibs and Cinder Toffee Bar is made with Colombian Dark Chocolate containing minimum 60% cocoa solids combined with orange oil, crunchy Colombian roasted cocoa nibs, and vegan honeycombs. 
  • Love Plants – Oat M!lk Bar is made with deliciously creamy oat milk chocolate containing minimum 46.5% cocoa solids, topped with vegan puffed caramel mixed with sea salt flakes. 
  • Love Plants: Blonde with Raspberry and Crunchy Caramel Bar is made with vegan white chocolate containing minimum 37% cocoa solids, topped with zesty dried raspberry and vegan honeycomb garnish.

Love Plants chocolate bars are suitable for the most dedicated chocoholics, whether they are flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, want to follow a more sustainable lifestyle, or just looking for an irresistible treat without compromise. All three bars are made with the best ingredients: ethically sourced cacao, natural flavourings, no sugar substitutes, no preservatives and no palm oil. 

Priced at £2.50 for 90g, Love Plants chocolate bars are available to order online from The Vegan Kind Supermarket website. 

High-quality ethical chocolate

As The Vegan Kind strives to create a world that is free from the exploitation of animals, people, and the planet, Love Plants’ chocolate range is 100% child and slave labour free, ensuring they are of the highest standards. The brand uses ethically-sourced cacao from a family-owned Colombian cacao cooperative focused on investing in local rural communities and creating long-term relationships with farmers and growers helping them achieve sustainable farming practices. The cacao they produce is classified by the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) as being in the top 8% of the global production in terms of quality and has the rare ‘fino de aroma’ classification. ICCO describes these varieties as elite cocoa with a delicious aroma and flavour for true chocolate connoisseurs. 

Increasing demand for sustainable confectionary

Demand for vegan and plant-based chocolate has been growing in recent years. The Brits reduce their dairy intake and opt for animal-free alternatives looking more carefully at their food choices and how they might affect the planet. The rise of the flexitarian diet has meant that many customers are adding more plant-based options to their shopping lists, including confectionery chocolate. According to 2021 Mintel data, one in four buyers of chocolate confectionery in the UK had eaten vegan chocolate within the past three months.

Love Plants – TVK’s own label of plant-based staples

The current product launch is an addition to Love Plants range of vegan essentials that The Vegan Kind released in June 2021. The company’s first own label range of vegan kitchen cupboard staples includes healthy cereals, delicious preserves, super tasty cooking sauces, and sweets. Aimed at all those following a flexitarian diet and more conscious consumers, the products are 100% plant-based. The preserves and condiments come in reusable jars, and all cereal products are packed in compostable bags. 

Special recipe collaboration supporting the launch of Love Plants Chocolate

The Vegan Kind has partnered with food creator and book author Amy Lanza, the founder of Nourishing Amy, to develop an exclusive recipe combining all three chocolate flavours in an indulgent vegan dessert – Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies. The recipe is available online on the TVK website: 

The Vegan Kind Recipes page is a platform featuring nearly a thousand of free vegan recipes online. It has been promoting healthy and delicious plant-based cooking using 100% animal-free products and collaborating with renowned UK-based and international food brands, recipe creators and influencers. 

Brands, influencers and even customers who love to cook can create their own profiles and share their favourite recipes through the platform. 

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