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Whitebox cocktails launches three new ready-to-serve classics


The Spicy Margarita, Daiquiri and Vieux Carré are now available to pre-order at for delivery from 1st May

Whitebox Cocktails, the ready-to-serve cocktail brand created by award-winning bartenders, is expanding its portfolio with a trio of new serves: the Spicy MargaritaDaiquiri, and Vieux Carré.

In keeping with the brand’s signature style, the three new products are full-strength cocktails made with unwavering dedication to the classic cocktail recipes. They bring the Whitebox range to a total of twelve cocktails, which allow customers to effortlessly enjoy an elevated cocktail experience at home.

“Since our successful crowdfunding raise last year, we have been working on developing a series of new cocktails to expand our offering,” commented Ben Iravani, co-founder of Whitebox Cocktails. “It’s no secret that drinkers are seeking out bolder, more complex profiles – just look at the meteoric rise of the Spicy Margarita. These types of flavours are commonplace in cocktail history and many of the classics have big bold flavours and complexity, so we wanted to bring those types of drinks to a wider audience.”

The trio of new cocktails includes:

Spicy Margarita
Tequila, triple sec, lime, coriander, green chilli (100ml, 20.5% ABV, £5.80 per can)
Tequila is at the heart of this punchy party starter, while bright green chilli pepper adds fresh, well-judged heat, and coriander seed lends depth. Serve well chilled in a coupe and garnish with a lime and chilli

Straight-Up Daiquiri
Rum blend, lime, sugar (100ml, 26% ABV, £5.50 per can)
A true classic, beloved among bartenders. This bright refreshing sour strikes a balance between lime and sugar, letting the bold, Caribbean rum take its rightful place as the main character. Serve well chilled in a coupe with a lime garnish.

XO Vieux Carré
XO brandy, American whiskey, sweet vermouth, herbal liqueur, bitters (100ml, 30% ABV, £6.80 per can)
A classic cocktail from New Orleans, an indulgent and luxurious sipping drink with a herbaceous twist. XO French brandy, American whiskey and sweet vermouth provide an oaky, luxurious base, while herbal liqueur and bitters add layers of complexity. Serve well chilled in a rocks glass over ice and garnish with a lemon peel and cherry.

The Whitebox Spicy Margarita, Daiquiri and Vieux Carré are available to pre-order now with delivery from 1st May– from

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For more information and sample requests, please contact Clare Dover at NEU Communications on 07855 369013 or
About Whitebox Cocktails
Whitebox Cocktails opens up the world of cocktails beyond the top cocktail bars to enable anyone to enjoy an exceptional cocktail without being a skilled bartender. Based on the ethos that ready-to-serve cocktails can be truly excellent, the founding team of world-class bartenders have utilised decades of collective experience in the industry and the knowledge gained from running the world’s top cocktail bars to produce their award-winning range of single-serve, classic cocktails. The line of classic cocktails includes the Pocket Negroni, Freezer Martini, Chipper’s Old Fashioned, Squeezy’s Margarita, Classic Cosmo and Tiny Tee’s Dirty Martini. Find out more at

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