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A beer that tastes like a deep-fried mars bar? Vault City’s latest release is one you’d batter not miss!

DDF M*rs Bar (Picture Courtesy of Vault City)

AN Edinburgh brewer has produced a beer that tastes just like iconic Scottish delicacy the deep-fried mars bar – and at 15.5% ABV it’s certainly one for FRY-HARD fans. 

Vault City Brewing – the UK’s best-selling sour beer producer – has reimagined the double deep-fried m*rs bar into an imperial stout, paying homage to the infamous Scottish snack and showcasing the country’s culture in all its glory.

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The Edinburgh brewery worked with Neon Raptor Brewing Co. to pack the imperial stout to the brim with chocolate malt and cacao nibs, even using real battered mars bars during the top-secret production process to guarantee an authentic deep-fried flavour. 

The deep-fried mars bar is said to have originated at The Haven Chip Bar in Stonehaven, where a cheeky schoolboy asked if his Mars Bar could be laden in fish batter and deep-fried on a dare. 

The dish is now better known amongst Scottish revellers as a late-night leveller, but its latest incarnation isn’t one for sobering up containing 6.8 units of alcohol. 

Vault City’s co-founder Steven Smith-Hay, said: “Deep fried m*rs bars are as synonymous with Scottish culture as haggis or Irn Bru, so we thought why not bring this national treasure to life in a beer? 

“We’re always pushing the boundaries of beer to open drinkers’ eyes to new flavours, and using real deep fried mars bars in the process means DDF M*RS BAR is no exception. 

“It certainly isn’t aimed at the health market, but not everything has to be good for you, and much like the snack that inspired it, it’s too tasty not to try for yourself. 

“If you’re a fry-hard fan of the Scottish delicacy, you’d ‘batter’ not miss out!” 

Double Deep Fried M*rs Bar is the latest in a long line of innovative flavoured beers paying homage to Scottish classics from Vault City. In January the brewery released an Iron Brew flavoured beer, which sold over 10,000 cans in less than 24 hours. 

Every two weeks the Portobello based brewery drops new flavours, with DDF M*RS BAR part of May’s Sour Sunday release. Other flavours this month include Raspberry Rocky Road, Tonka White Forest Gateau, and Strawberry Sundae.

Earlier this year the company launched its first-ever core range across 200 independent bars, pubs and taprooms across the UK. It is now available in more than 600 Tesco stores nationwide, and recently became the supermarket giant’s best-selling craft beer

To find out more about Vault City, or to order the DDF M*RS BAR beer, or any of its range of modern sour beers, visit

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