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Bringing Back to Life: 11 Tips for Harnessing Untapped Talent Pools


As you look to capitalize on shifting migration trends, reach previously untapped talent pools, and appeal to those looking to make a move, we’re here to help. We have developed actionable steps you can take to attract candidates to your area, and more importantly, to your vacancies. Let’s jump in.

1. Enticing Salary and Benefits

Our research found that 4 in 10 (38%) people would move for a higher salary, yet only 17% currently believe that hospitality pays well. That’s a gap worth addressing. Ensuring that your salary and benefits package measures up to your competitors’ inside and outside of the industry is essential. Consider adding perks like bonuses, gym memberships, and discounts to sweeten the deal and showcase why joining your team is something worth moving for.

2. Building a Family-First Culture

Whether time or finances, the demands on working parents are huge. Our research found that 1 in 10 people would relocate within the UK for a job that offered greater childcare support. Hospitality is about as flexible as it comes, but by introducing easy-to-access flexible scheduling options, generous parental leave benefits, and either on-site nurseries or financial support with childcare, you can really gain the edge on the competition.

3. Flexible Working from Day One

Regardless of their parental status, over a quarter (27%) of people say that a highly flexible job in hospitality would encourage them to relocate. Empowering your team to define their working hours can widen your appeal to a range of potential new hires. By championing flexible working within your recruitment strategy, you can gain a competitive advantage against industries with a more rigid approach to work.

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4. Make Employee Wellbeing a Priority

Despite the growing appeal of working in hospitality, many still harbor thoughts that it would be stressful (68%) and physically demanding (72%). That’s why you need to invest in the mental, physical, and emotional health of your staff. With a quarter of businesses concentrating on supporting their staff’s wellbeing in the coming months, it’s a watershed moment for the industry – and something you can build into your people strategy.

5. Offering Relocation Packages

Despite 70% of employers believing that recruiting from across the UK would benefit their business, only 39% are currently offering relocation packages. This doesn’t have to break the bank, as even a small gesture can go a long way to ease the transition for candidates considering a move. Whether it’s a joining bonus, support with temporary accommodation, or help with moving expenses, there are plenty of ways you can convince people to relocate.

6. Showcase Your Surroundings

Over a third (36%) of people are attracted to the idea of a lifestyle change, but only a quarter (24%) of employers are currently promoting their local area within their outreach. Dedicating part of your job adverts to highlight your city’s culture, nightlife, average housing costs, commute times, and green spaces can significantly increase the likelihood of turning interest into applications.

7. Promote Your Company Culture

Over half (55%) of people believe that a job in hospitality is the perfect way to settle into a new area and make friends. Hospitality is vibrant, exciting, and personable. Use this to your advantage. Arrange group activities, encourage team building, and highlight it in your employer branding, adverts, and on your website.

8. Clear Paths for Career Development

Just 31% of people believe that a job in hospitality offers the chance to climb the ladder and build a career. Despite strides in the right direction, we still need to shift the perception from hospitality being a job to a fruitful and rewarding career path. With a fifth of people saying they would not only change industries but relocate for a job in hospitality that had clear progression routes, it’s vital that this takes center stage in all your adverts, online material, and social media content.

9. Hone Your Employer Branding

Only a fifth of employers have dedicated any amount of time to crafting an employer brand that speaks to those outside of their area. With the opportunity to expand your talent pool, there’s a clear need for a compelling narrative around your culture, values, and what it’s like to work for your business. Consider using employee testimonials – including those who have recently moved to your area – to highlight what sets your company apart to potential movers.

10. Bring It All to Life in Your Outreach

Once you’ve shaped your offering, it’s time to shout about it. Face misconceptions head-on, speak to their wants and needs, and use your material to educate, inform, and engage people with what you have to offer. Ensure your job descriptions are clear and engaging, going beyond simply listing responsibilities to showcase the benefits, well-being initiatives, relocation support, and company culture you offer as an employer. Use inclusive language, emphasize opportunities for growth, and strive for clarity, so even candidates without hospitality experience can understand the role and its perks.

11. Expand Your Talent Pool

Finally, you need to reach your target audience with the right message. With over 8.4 million people considering a career switch now looking towards hospitality, it’s time to be loud and proud about what the industry and your company have to offer. The days of posters in the window are gone, but with the right planning, you can cast a wider net by advertising nationwide on or using digital programmatic advertising solutions, such as AppCast, to reach people with a clear call to arms, wherever they’re based.

With the right targeting strategy and hiring practices in place, hospitality employers across the UK will benefit from an influx of talent to their area. Be it students on a gap year, those looking for a second job, or the 31% of people who only see themselves moving for up to two years, the challenge becomes retention.
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