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Nomoq announced as major sponsor for we are Beer Festivals 2024



The digital can printing innovator, NOMOQ, has today (31 May) announced its partnership of all three We Are Beer festivals across the UK throughout 2024. This strategic partnership underscores NOMOQ’s commitment to revolutionising the beverage packaging industry while aligning with We Are Beer’s mission to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of modern brewing culture.

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NOMOQ, which launched two years ago, is becoming widely known for its new approach to decorated cans and has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of beverage packaging. Collecting awards such as the prestigious ‘Can of the Year’ by Canmaker’s magazine in 2022 and 2023, NOMOQ has consistently shattered industry norms since it was founded. Following the opening of its first UK site near Birmingham in 2023, NOMOQ continues to spearhead innovation with its fully recyclable, digitally printed cans, offering unparalleled quality, cost-effectiveness, and swift turnaround times for beverage brands with no minimum order quantity.

As the major sponsor of the We Are Beer festivals, NOMOQ is poised to showcase its cutting-edge technology and creative potential. With bespoke can designs tailored for each festival, NOMOQ will demonstrate the endless potential of its printing solutions. Moreover, festival attendees can expect exclusive partnerships with local brands, immersive experiences at the Brewer’s Lounge, and the prospect of sealing their favourite brews in NOMOQ cans to be enjoyed beyond the festivals.

Andrew Bannister, General Manager at NOMOQ’s Leamington Spa site, said“We are thrilled to be the major sponsor of the We Are Beer festivals. At NOMOQ, we are passionate about redefining the beverage packaging landscape with sustainable, high-quality solutions. Our partnership with We Are Beer not only emphasises our commitment to innovation but also reflects our dedication to enhancing consumer experiences. 

“This is our first investment of this kind yet, and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better first set of events to sponsor. The craft beer world is one that we are extremely passionate about. Not only are we all lovers of craft beverages in our personal lives, but craft drinkers are infamously entrepreneurial and driven by quality like we are.”

We Are Beer, the driving force behind the renowned London, Manchester, and Bristol Craft Beer Festivals, continues to attract audiences with its dynamic showcases. With an anticipated attendance of over 29,000 enthusiasts across the country this year, and an impressive line-up of over 1600 beers from 215 breweries, the festivals promise an unmatched celebration of craft brewing culture.

Greg Wells, Co-Founder of We Are Beer, said: “The craft beer revolution has reshaped the beer industry, attracting millions of enthusiasts and catapulting craft brews into the mainstream. We are excited to join forces with NOMOQ to further elevate the festival experience and champion innovation in brewing. 

“As consumer awareness and environmental concerns continue to rise, the industry is undergoing a major shift towards greener alternatives. NOMOQ can help brands make substantial and affordable changes to physical products like packaging and is here to disprove the notion that sustainability comes at a premium price. On top of this, our drinkers love brewers who build the romance around their brands and express their values and stories with their artwork. Brands only get one chance at making that first experience with your craft beer a memorable one, and how your brand looks is a huge part of this. On the other hand, brand experiences can be short-term stunts or limited edition runs, giving drinkers a new way to enjoy your beverage. Ultimately, brand designs that resonate deliver high energy, fun experiences, and we couldn’t think of a better partner to take over our festivals this year and hammer this home for 2024.”

In an era marked by heightened consumer awareness and environmental consciousness, NOMOQ’s commitment to sustainability emerges as a cornerstone of its ethos. By offering affordable, eco-friendly printing solutions, NOMOQ aims to empower brands to craft memorable experiences while minimising their environmental footprint.

To find out more or to request a sample can, visit Until then, tickets for the We Are Beer festivals are available now at

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