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Quirky ice creams tickle tastebuds at Royal Highland Show

Mackies flavours

ICE cream lovers attending the Royal Highland Show can get their hands on samples of some weird and wonderful ice cream flavours including Pink Panther; Kaffir Honey & Cereal; and Dragon fruit and Watermelon sorbet. 

Following an intense development process working with consultant chefs, Mackie’s of Scotland is bringing 77 giant tubs filled with 26 new and exciting flavours to the Edinburgh event on June 22 to June 25, ranging from fruity mash-ups to reimaginings of popular sweet treats.

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The Scottish ice cream firm hopes to gauge public response – and will put the most popular flavours into its 19.2 parlour in Aberdeen. The feedback may even steer its next flavour launch to hit supermarket freezer aisles. 

Mackie’s, which has a stand within Scotland’s larder tent, hopes visitors will be adventurous with their scoop choices, with the weather set to remain warm and mostly sunny. 

Angus Hayhow, Head of Marketing at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: “We have been attending the Royal Highland Show for a decades now, so it’s great to be back once again.

“The team are constantly working on ways to diversify our products and bring innovation, and what better place to showcase them out than at Scotland’s biggest annual agricultural show. The visitors are always an enthusiastic audience at our stall!

“This year’s flavours are made to cater to a variety of tastes with some more traditional mango, strawberry and chocolate-based flavours to some more unusual creations, with a host of dairy and gluten free options as well.”

“We hope that this year’s flavours follow in the footsteps of our other playful ice cream launches and create a buzz to match the atmosphere of the weekend.”

Mackie’s, a family-run business, has been producing ice cream since 1986, all of which is carefully crafted using milk and dairy from its Aberdeenshire farm.

The list of flavours available at the show include; Dragonfruit & Watermelon Sorbet, Kefir, Honey & Cereals, Quark Cherry Cheesecake, Orange & Mascarpone, Jaffa Cake, Blackcurrant & Liquorice, Lotus Biscoff, chocolate rum truffle, After Eight and Mackie’s twist.

The Royal Highland Show sees over 1000 yearly trade exhibitors to the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, displaying the best of farming, livestock, machinery and technical innovation across Scotland.

For more information on Mackie’s of Scotland, visit

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