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Seeing is believing with The Alchemist’s new menu – with levitating drinks and hidden cocktails


The Alchemist has introduced an exciting new cocktail menu for the spring and summer seasons, aimed at adding a touch of spectacle to late-night drinking. This menu includes innovative cocktails such as The Levitating One and The Egg, along with unique offerings like Basil Smash and Hard Peached Iced Tea.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s on offer:

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  • The Levitating One: This captivating cocktail features Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Regal Rogue Wild Rose & Bold Red Vermouth, Akashi Plum Sake, and Muyu Vetiver. It’s The Alchemist’s first levitating cocktail, designed to literally float in the air when served.
  • The Egg: A hidden gem for the past two years, The Egg is made with Hendricks Gin, St Germain, Citrus, Yuzu, and cucumber. Served in a ceramic egg and discoverable only by a QR code, it’s now available for all to enjoy.
  • Basil Smash: Made with Miller’s gin, basil, peach, and lime, this cocktail is encased in a sugar glass. Guests must smash the glass to indulge in this flavorful concoction.
  • Hard Peached Iced Tea: Offering a twist on the classic Alchemist Lady Marmalade cocktail, this creation features Naked Malt blended whisky, peach, agave, and homemade golden tea for a more approachable whisky experience.

Accompanying the cocktail menu is a new food selection featuring Jalapeño and Parmesan donuts, pulled beef brioche, and Korean superfood salad. The menu is now available at all UK venues, with The Alchemist open until late and featuring DJs every weekend.

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