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Taylors Snacks launches vibrant Taxi fleet in Edinburgh with crisp-lovers contest

Taylor's Snacks Taxis at Edinburgh Castle

EDINBURGH is now adorned with a vibrant fleet of taxis, courtesy of Taylors Snacks (formerly Mackie’s Crisps). The Scottish crisp brand has unveiled these eye-catching taxis at the iconic Edinburgh Castle, inviting snack enthusiasts to participate in a fun-filled contest.

As part of the “spot and snap” campaign, Taylors Snacks challenges residents and visitors to spot their taxis around Edinburgh, capture a snapshot, and enter for a chance to win a year’s supply of crisps. The taxis feature the bold and distinctive branding of Taylors Snacks, making them easily recognizable against the backdrop of the city’s landmarks.

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Taylors Snacks Ltd, previously known as Mackie’s at Taypack, has been a prominent player in the Scottish snack industry. Initially established as a joint venture between the Taylor family and Mackie’s of Scotland, a renowned ice cream and chocolate producer, the snacking business underwent a transition in 2022. The Taylor family acquired the remaining shares, leading to the rebranding of all crisps, popcorn, and lentil waves under the Taylors Snacks label from May 2023.

To celebrate this fresh phase, Taylors Snacks decided to make a bold statement with a fleet of taxis that reflects the brand’s vibrancy. By placing them strategically around Edinburgh, the company aims to engage the community and encourage participation in the exciting “spot and snap” competition.

For crisp enthusiasts and those curious about Taylors Snacks, this contest offers a delightful opportunity to interact with the brand and potentially secure a year’s worth of their delectable crisps. The taxis add a dynamic and colourful touch to Edinburgh’s streets, creating a buzz around the city’s most iconic landmark.

To learn more about Taylors Snacks and participate in the contest, visit their official website or connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok. Embrace the vibrant spirit of Taylors Snacks and embark on a crisp-filled adventure in Edinburgh!

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