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Top Staycation Activities for Scots Revealed


Newly released data from Visit Britain, analysed by The Cut & Craft, has shed light on the top activities Scots are eager to indulge in during their staycations this summer. The analysis highlights a range of popular pursuits, showcasing the diverse interests of staycationers across Scotland.

Top Activities for Scots on Staycations

Leading the list by a significant margin, walking, hiking, or rambling emerged as the most popular activities, with 46% of respondents expressing their preference for these outdoor adventures. This preference underscores the Scottish love for exploring the picturesque landscapes and enjoying the natural beauty of their homeland.

Following closely, visiting heritage sites took the second spot, with 35% of Scots eager to delve into the rich historical tapestry of Scotland. The allure of ancient castles, historic landmarks, and cultural sites remains strong, drawing in both locals and tourists alike.

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Trying local food and drink ranked third, with 33% of respondents expressing their enthusiasm for sampling the culinary delights unique to Scotland. This activity not only promises gastronomic satisfaction but also supports local restaurant businesses and boosts the local economy.

Encouraging Insights for Local Businesses

Darioush Shahidi, Operations Manager at The Cut & Craft, shared his thoughts on the findings:

“It is fantastic to see the variety of activities Scots want to partake in this summer when on staycation. It is also really encouraging to see that trying local food and drink came third, with still a high percentage of 33% when compared to other activities.”

Shahidi further emphasized the positive impact on local businesses:

“Not only is it great and encouraging for local restaurant businesses and for the local economy, but it also shows that the local food industry continues to be strong this summer. Whether you are with family, or on a solo staycation, there is something for everyone to enjoy when trying local food and drink.”

Other Popular Activities

While walking, hiking, visiting heritage sites, and trying local food and drink topped the list, other activities also garnered interest among Scots. Engaging in local events and festivals, exploring the arts, and partaking in adventure sports were also mentioned, reflecting the diverse interests and vibrant lifestyle of the Scottish population.

Golf at the Bottom

Interestingly, golf, a sport often associated with Scotland, ranked at the bottom of the list, with only 4% of respondents showing interest. This data point highlights a shift in recreational preferences, with Scots favoring more varied and dynamic activities for their staycations.


The analysis by The Cut & Craft provides valuable insights into the preferences of Scots during their staycations. The popularity of walking, hiking, visiting heritage sites, and trying local food and drink underscores the rich cultural and natural offerings of Scotland. These findings not only guide businesses in catering to local tastes but also enhance the overall staycation experience, making it more enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone involved.

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