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Vault City Brewery introduces overnight oats beer

Overnight Oats sour beer

EDINBURGH-BASED Vault City Brewery has once again pushed the boundaries of craft beer innovation with its latest creation: Overnight Oats sour beer. Inspired by the wholesome appeal of a healthy breakfast, this unique brew combines creamy oats with an assortment of nutritious ingredients such as banana, blackberry, and goji berry. However, this breakfast-inspired beer takes a departure from the conventional morning meal, boasting a potent Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of 8.4%.

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Vault City Brewery is renowned for its bold and creative approach to crafting beers. Previous unconventional flavours from the brewery include Deep Fried Mars Bar Beer, Buckie Beer, and what could be considered the sourest beer ever made. In addition to the Overnight Oats beer, this month Vault City also introduced its first Neapolitan Ice Cream beer, brewed with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberries.

Co-founder of Vault City, Steven Smith-Hay, expressed his enthusiasm for experimenting with flavours, stating, “Breakfast should be for any time of day. I often have breakfast for dinner, so I see no reason why I shouldn’t also have breakfast as a beer. Overnight Oats are said to provide many health benefits, including preventing heart disease, lowering blood cholesterol, boosting the immune system, and relieving constipation. Our beer claims to do none of these things. It has an ABV of 8.4%, so should be consumed responsibly.”

The Overnight Oats beer is designed to emulate the comforting combination of creamy oats and crunchy granola paired with fresh fruit. To enhance the beverage’s complexity, freshly roasted coffee beans from Edinburgh Tea & Coffee are infused, along with a generous helping of maple syrup and lactose for an authentic milky sweetness.

Vault City Brewery’s approach aims to make sour beers more accessible to a wider audience. Their popular Triple Fruited Mango Sour Beer is available in over 700 supermarkets across the UK. Founder Steven Smith-Hay, a former IT professional, began experimenting with fermentation in his kitchen, transforming simple ingredients into extraordinary sour beers. Now, the brewery produces 1.4 million litres of sour beer annually from its 5,000 square foot production facility in Portobello.

In a significant move toward improving work-life balance, Vault City Brewery became the first brewery in the UK to transition to a four-day work week, allowing their team to focus on quality brewing while promoting employee well-being.

For those intrigued by Vault City Brewery’s innovative creations, including the Overnight Oats and Neapolitan Ice Cream beers, and to explore their wide range of sour beers, visit their website at Experience the fusion of breakfast-inspired flavours and craft beer expertise in every sip.

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