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What’s worth visiting in Edinburgh


For those keen on experiencing the lush nature of Scotland, embracing its hills, expanses, and traditional customs, the prime choice is to opt for one of the rural areas of this country for your holiday. However, if you’re intrigued by urban Scotland, Edinburgh stands as the ideal destination for the inquisitive traveler. The concentration of Scottish life in this city exceeds all conceivable limits. 

Like most Scottish settlements, this city is perched on several hills: its foundation and subsequent development were centered around the sturdy and imposing Edinburgh Castle, situated atop a rocky hill, offering a convenient vantage point to survey the surroundings and fend off adversaries. 

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The elevation of the rock on which the castle stands is 133 meters, so it’s no surprise that this defensive complex has earned a reputation for being impregnable and well-defended. 

However, the castle has relinquished its defensive roles and now serves solely as a captivating museum for visitors to Edinburgh. It presently houses the treasures of the Scottish Crown.  

The historical centre of Edinburgh is notable for two seemingly contradictory facts: firstly, many buildings are constructed in a Gothic, rather sombre style, predominantly featuring dark colours with light and pastel tones absent; secondly, in combination with the vibrant Scottish vegetation, low-hanging clouds, and narrow streets, Edinburgh’s centre exudes cosiness, comfort, and beauty! 

Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland for over 550 years: it first attained this status in 1437, and the construction of the castle on the site of the current city commenced in the 9th century, during a period of frequent disputes and military conflicts between warring mountain clans.  

If you wish to discover what Scotland lives and breathes, Edinburgh will unveil the mysterious soul of its inhabitants: here you can visit traditional attractions, purchase a “tourist” kilt, order a kilt from genuine artisans, sample authentic whisky, and procure traditional souvenirs depicting sheep and other symbols of this country. 

What should you visit first to better grasp this city? 

Undoubtedly, it must be the castle: it’s visible from many points in the city, but a personal visit is incomparable to seeing it from afar. 

One of the primary pilgrimage sites for tourists is the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, where you can not only learn intriguing details about this beverage but also sample and purchase your preferred variety. 

St. Giles’ Cathedral is also a must-see. A church restored after near-total destruction in the 16th century. 

The National Gallery of Scotland – explore its diverse collection of artworks spanning various periods and styles, offering a rich cultural and educational experience in the heart of Edinburgh, all for free admission. 

The central streets of the city: Royal Mile, Princess Street, and much more that render Edinburgh renowned and appealing to thousands of tourists. 

In summary, Edinburgh is a real gem for tourists who seek to delve into the urban life of Scots. 

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