To celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Knockdhu Distillery, anCnoc whisky is to introduce two Limited Edition single malt Scotch whiskies: anCnoc 16 Years Old Cask Strength and a 125 Year anniversary peated whisky.

anCnoc’s Limited Edition 16 Years Old Cask Strength, retailing at £100, is matured exclusively in American oak ex-bourbon casks. Bottled at cask strength, the whisky combines traditions from the distillery’s past and modern methods of the present, honouring the distillery team’s passion for whisky making. It offers up a light, elegant expression – the epitome of a spectacular anCnoc malt. The pale, bright golden whisky offers aromas of sweet vanilla mixed with coconut and butterscotch toffee, and to taste, green apple and citrus mix with a faint, warming spice.

The second Limited Edition, anCnoc’s Peated whisky takes the drinker on a mellow journey from the heart of Banffshire’s rich peatlands. Retailing at £80, it is matured in American oak ex-bourbon casks, then further matured in Spanish oak butt, giving it a deliciously sunset gold colouring. The new peated whisky features a hint of wood smoke mixed with almonds and dried fruit; with smoke and a touch of burnt toffee on the palate. A stunning, smoky sweet dram. 

The Limited Editions feature collectible packaging, each one illustrated to tell anCnoc’s unique story about the distillery’s heritage, with a celebratory copper lid, marked in honour of the 125th Anniversary. From August 2019, just 500 bottles of each will be available to purchase in the UK, in specialist retailers including The Whisky Shop, Whisky Exchange, Royal Mile Whiskies, and Master of Malt. 

anCnoc distillery manager, Gordon Bruce, said:

“To be celebrating 125 years of making exceptional whisky is a real achievement.

The traditional methods that make our whisky so special are still in use today, but we’re constantly innovating to offer a fresh take. It’s this combination of tried and tested means with a contemporary twist that makes anCnoc, and Knockdhu Distillery, one of the best places in the world to work – we have a lot of fun here. I’m lucky to have a seat at the helm of the Distillery in such an exciting year, and it’s an honour to the whole team to be able to oversee these two very special Limited Editions. 

To me, anCnoc 16 Years Old is a very good example of what anCnoc should be – it’s a lovely, light, bouncy, zingy whisky – a beautiful dram. The Limited Edition Peated whisky is a great opportunity to offer something smoky with a hint of sweetness too – appealing to both peat enthusiasts and those who might not normally opt for peat. It was really important that, to mark this special year, we could offer something for everyone, and I think we’ve done just that.” 

Knockdhu Distillery, home to the award-winning anCnoc whisky, is a distillery like no other, using traditional production methods to craft a bold and modern single malt. Founded in 1894 by visionary John Morrison, the copper pot stills remain the same shape and style as they did at the beginning. Meanwhile, the distillery proudly uses worms to condense the vaporised alcohol – a rarity in this day and age. Ironically, it’s these traditional techniques which help to create the distinctive, modern flavour.