Drygate Brewing Co has launched Europe’s first reforestation beer, ‘Scorched Earth’, a new brew which will fund the planting of a 10,000-tree forest.

Following the devastating and ongoing Amazon fires, the Glasgow-based brewery joined forces with Offset.Earth, a social enterprise which fights deforestation and climate change through its pioneering subscription service which plants trees around the world.

All sales of the new beer will be donated to Offset.Earth, with every bottle sold resulting in the planting of 50 trees. In total, the initiative will plant the 10,000-tree Drygate Forest, which would be visible from space, as a monumental symbol of the power of craft beer to drive positive change. The Drygate forest will remove up to122.6 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere each year, to help fight climate change.

Scorched Earth is a super-limited-edition, 11.5% ABV Islay whisky barrel-aged imperial stout. The bottle features a singed map of the Amazon, with a vibrant green sapling shining through, symbolising our hope that new life will rise from the ashes. Each of the 200 individually numbered bottles are hand-filled, labelled and wrapped.

In addition to all the proceeds from the sale of the bottles being donated to Offset.Earth, drinkers will also be given the opportunity to kickstart their own forest, with Offset.Earth planting their first 20 trees for free when they sign up using the unique code on the bottle.