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Single Cask bottler turns whisky flavour on its head


To celebrate whisky month this May, Fife-based independent whisky bottler, The Single Cask, has introduced an innovative method aimed at solving one of scotch whisky’s biggest dilemmas – how to categorize whisky flavour.

The Single Cask has relaunched its brand by using five mood categories to demystify whisky flavor, allowing whisky fans to quickly find the whiskies that match their mood. With every one of the 3000 casks in The Single Cask’s Glenrothes warehouse fitting neatly into one of the five mood categories, the independent bottler has also unveiled a new release of whiskies in honor of whisky month.

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The categories – Cheerful, Playful, Bold, Curious, and Easy-going – provide whisky enthusiasts with a glimpse into each whisky’s character without feeling overwhelmed by label information and tasting notes. This initiative showcases The Single Cask’s dedication to championing single cask whisky.

Included in the new release are limited edition bottlings from iconic Scottish distilleries such as Bunnahabhain, Glen Spey, and a special Feis Ile cask of Bruichladdich to celebrate the renowned whisky festival on Islay at the end of May.

Classifying whisky by flavor is a daunting task given the vast range of flavors in Scotch whisky. The Single Cask’s approach builds on describing whisky in terms of character and personality, providing whisky lovers with a flavor compass to guide them to their preferred dram based on mood. This method also helps whisky enthusiasts understand that not all peated whiskies are bold and overpowering; some can be mellow and easy-going.

Leveraging decades of experience in the Scotch whisky industry, Brand Marketing Manager Helen Stewart and Whisky Sensory Expert Kami Newton developed the five mood method to simplify the classification of whisky styles, characters, and personalities.

With a myriad of unique casks to manage and evaluate, The Single Cask has assembled an expert panel of sensory whisky assessors known as the Taste Masters. This panel ensures that only the most exceptional casks are selected for bottling and assigns each whisky to the most suitable mood category.

The Cheerful whiskies are well-mannered, joyful, effortless, and dependable crowd-pleasers suitable for any occasion. Playful whiskies are lively, full of life, vigor, and excitement. Bold whiskies are for those seeking big, powerful, and strong flavors with assertive, rich, and deep characters. Curious whiskies represent unusual characters that defy traditional whisky flavor rules, providing surprising and uncommon experiences for devoted fans. Easy-going whiskies offer laid-back and mellow drams perfect for unwinding and relaxation.

The Single Cask celebrates whisky in its purest form, with each single cask yielding just a few hundred bottles that will never be replicated. Their years of assessing single cask whiskies have provided invaluable knowledge about whisky flavor, inspiring this innovative approach that shines a light on the beauty and brilliance of single cask whisky.

Helen Stewart, Brand Marketing Manager at The Single Cask, commented: “We believe this new approach to exploring our single cask whiskies will introduce whisky lovers to a new world of experiences. We want to help people easily discover their perfect dram and enjoy the ultimate, unique single cask whisky experience.”

Kami Newton, Whisky Sensory Expert, explains: “Flavor is a subjective experience, and the challenge of classifying whisky by flavor becomes evident when considering different taste perceptions. The five mood method takes a fresh approach that is less confusing and creates an emotional connection with whisky drinkers.”

The Single Cask prides itself on bottling only the most outstanding, characterful, and distinctive single casks of whisky. The company values the distinct personality of each cask and celebrates whiskies that spark conversations with their irresistible appeal. Learn more about their offerings at

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