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SKNY BTCH launching new Vodka Shots for the upcoming summer club nights

Vodka Shots flavoured with Raspberry and with Green Apple

SUGAR free Vodka Soda manufacturer SKNY BTCH is now launching Vodka Shots for those hot summer nights. The alcohol content is 14.9% and these shots contains 50-70% less sugar in comparison with other sweet & sour shots. Available in Sweden, both flavours in Raspberry and Green Apple can now be ordered with wholesale prices from Savings Mat & Dryck Ltd. internationally.

Nina Saving, founder and owner of the brand SKNY BTCH, commented: “I came up with the idea of SKNY BTCH Shots because I’ve always preferred a sweeter shot rather than a sour. Despite our new shot being sweet it contains 50-70% less sugar compared to similar shots. Even better, SKNY BTCH Shots contain less alcohol than regular shots, as they only contain 14.9% alcohol, so I can drink a few of these shots without it being too much of the good stuff!”

“SKNY BTCH Shots are perfect to serve at home, at a pre-party, as well as a night out on the town. We recently sponsored the premiere and after party for the movie Top Gun, held at Royal Park Stockholm and the shots were a big hit through out the evening.”

SKNY BTCH Shot Raspberry and Green Apple are completely new and contain an alcohol content of 14.9%. Green apple is very fruity and has a sweet character with a hint of vanilla. Raspberry has a sweet and berry character with a distinct taste of raspberry. The shots are to be served chilled and are a good choice both as a social drink and at more festive events and parties.

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