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Whisky curators launch new single cask range

Supper Club, a 28-year-old Mortlach cask

ONE of Scotland’s top whisky bottlers is launching an exclusive single cask range, unveiling the brands fresh new packaging design. 

The launch by Wemyss Malts will bring 19 new single cask whiskies – hand-selected from some of the country’s finest distilleries and collections – to global markets after years of careful and dedicated sampling, sourcing and aging by its select team of experts, led by Isabella Wemyss. 

Each expression reflects one-of-a-kind nuances of production, season and cask influence in Scotch single malt whisky, with each cask yielding between 50-700 bottles.

The new packaging focuses on a premium design reflecting the whisky inside with key information including age, cask type and distillery displayed. While the brand has returned to more romantic naming conventions with each cask capturing a moment or a concept. 

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Isabella Wemyss, Director of Production, said: “This collection celebrates the exceptional whisky distilleries based across Scotland and it’s a privilege to be able to bring these special whiskies to market.” 

“The taste, experience and emotion conjured by each drink has been our absolute focus, creating accessible and unpretentious whiskies to encourage the adventurous exploration of flavour.” 

“As a brand we’re constantly experimenting and discovering, it’s been a really exciting time to bring together components from dozens of distilleries and create a bespoke range crafted to suit each taste whether that is sweet, complexly spicy or gently smoky.”

To celebrate its milestone market launch, the brand will commission the world’s first Whisky Villanelle over the coming weeks – a strict 19-line six-stanza poem structure.

It is hoped the poem will resonate with those who might not currently drink whisky, showcasing the evocative moments captured in whisky and explored across the releases.

William Wemyss, founder and director of Wemyss Malts, said: “Single cask whisky is unique in that it is a snapshot of the distillery on one day of production and the type of cask that has been matured in – allowing for the crafting of complex and signature flavours.” 

“The release size means there will be ample different flavour profiles for all palates to enjoy – with the maturing age ranging from 13 years through to 29.”

Nine casks will be launched as solely market exclusives, including Supper Club, a 28-year-old Mortlach cask, which will only be available to Wemyss Malts Cask Club members directly through Wemyss’ online shop.

The expression range is boldly named using the aromas and tastes of the whiskies to uniquely identify each bottling. This includes its ecommerce exclusive release Supper Club, oldest release After Derby Day and most romantically named, Carriages at Midnight.

The new single casks are available to buy from select retailers globally and Supper Club is available exclusively from the Wemyss Malt website.  

Wemyss Malts was founded in 2005 and is independently run by brother and sister due William and Isabella, who are kin of the Scottish Wemyss family. 

It is based notionally in Edinburgh and is sister business to Kingsbarns Distillery in the East Neuk of Fife. It launched its first whiskies to market in 2018.  

To find out more about the latest launch, visit:

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