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The Rise of ‘Swavory’: How Sweet and Savory Snacks are Redefining Modern Eating Habits


Snacks have long been a reliable option for a quick, affordable boost, serving those seeking a mood lift or in need of a light bite. In the last few years, the traditional sweet treat has evolved, and though the demand for that extra snack remains strong, people have begun to enjoy a new combination.

The traditional concept of three main meals per day has drastically changed in recent years. The impacts of COVID-19, social media and the shift to remote working have led to more flexible and irregular eating patterns, resulting in consumers increasingly adopting the habit of snacking.

While sweet and savoury snacks are a close 50/50 split in popularity, the trend of combining sweet and savoury flavours, known as “swavory,” has gained popularity. The appeal of sweet and savoury snacks lies in their ability to deliver a multidimensional taste experience, making them a popular choice for those seeking a unique and indulgent snacking experience. 

Currently, the average number of main meals consumed daily is 2.5, indicating that people are replacing one of their traditional meals with snacks. It’s estimated in the UK that up to 95% of people enjoy snacking between meals, with 1 in 3 substituting their third meal with frequent snacks throughout the day. Today, people snack for various reasons, including stress relief, nourishment, or to fit eating with a busy schedule.

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Consumers are increasingly drawn to these snacks as they provide a delightful contrast of flavours, satisfying both cravings for something sweet and a desire for a savoury kick.  Brands have been quick to capitalise on this trend, introducing innovative products that blend sweet and savoury elements, such as chocolate-covered pretzels, and salted caramel popcorn.  

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