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Three Robins Launches kids oat-based smoothies with hidden veg + no added sugar


This June sees Three Robins extend its award-winning oat milk range with the launch of two game-changing, oat milk-based smoothies for 3-12 year olds, offering the holy grail of health, taste, and convenience. If that wasn’t exciting enough, these fibre-rich smoothies have no added sugar and are packed with beneficial veg (carrot, parsnip, courgette & beetroot, something that many parents struggle to get into their kids).

N.B. 45% veg content in Super Berry & 25% veg content in Totally Tropical

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Positioned as the perfect permissible lunchbox sweet snack OR on-the-go treat for health-conscious parents looking for something convenient that isn’t packed full of sugar, these wholesome snacks fortified with beneficial vitamins and minerals (vits B12, B2, D PLUS folic acid and iodine) will appeal not simply to the often overlooked lactose-intolerant community but any families actively seeking delicious, plant-based offerings.

Launched back in May 2022, Three Robins is the healthier living vision of Karen Robinson, a vocal spokesperson for women’s rights in conflict-affected countries, who changed careers after spending time supporting women’s rights in conflict-affected countries when she discovered that one of her three boys (aka the three robins) was lactose intolerant, leading her to spy a gap in the market for a family-friendly oat milk brand.

‘As a mum, I was frustrated by the lack of quality options on the shelf, unable to find a brand that could meet all the needs of our young family. I felt let down by the high levels of sugar in so many supposedly better-for-you snacks and the limited range of nutritious, plant-based kids’ treats that my boys would actually enjoy eating.’

What’s more, the ambient nature of these forward-thinking smoothies will appeal to both multiples, indies, and foodservice outlets seeking to keep a firm grip on their wastage numbers.

Editor’s Notes

  • Smoothies will retail at £1.89 100g
  • Three Robins is part of the Good Food Programme & Karen is a member of the Buy Women Built movement
  • These innovative smoothies are designed to be ambient so that they can easily be added to lunchboxes or backpacks when you’re out and about and will appeal to multiples, indies, and foodservice outlets because they solve the problem of healthy on-the-go snacking for kids.
  • In the UK, Three Robins is enthusiastically championed by Purple Pilchard. If you’d like more information, images or samples please contact

Launched May 22
Proud Scottish Business
One of 3 boys lactose intolerant – explored oat milk, disappointed with what was on the shelf /plus disappointed at how much sugar in kids snacks and lack of plant-based options for kids.

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